Frequently Asked Questions

For freqently asked questions, scroll through this page or select the specific divisional links to find out more information on a specific topic. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Feel free to contact us here or check out our Parent-Student Handbook.

Elementary FAQ’s

Will my child have recess?

Yes, elementary students have two daily recess breaks (morning and afternoon). Students enjoy playing on the playground or inside the gymnasium.

What related arts subjects are offered in elementary?

Elementary students enjoy STEM, Music, PE, Art, Library, and Spanish classes taught by qualified individuals in each specialty. We also have a Chapel service once a week.

Are elementary students required to complete homework?

Yes, each elementary class has age-appropriate homework assignments given on a weekly basis. The goal of homework is intentional review of skills previously taught in the classroom.

Do elementary students have a snack time?

Yes, following the morning recess, students may eat a healthy snack.

Does UBCS offer a hot lunch program?

Yes, the senior class sells main course items on a pre-order basis. Drinks, snacks, and ice cream are also available for sale on a daily basis.

What happens if my child is sick?

If your child becomes ill during the day, is injured, or requires medication, the classroom teacher will send the student to the nurse for evaluation. The nurse will then contact parents accordingly.

What do I do if I need to pick up my child early from school?

Please call the school office before 9:00 am with any changes to your child’s dismissal routine.

How are parents notified for weather-related events?

A SchoolCast Auto-Information system will send out a group call/email/text to notify all school families of weather-related schedule changes.

Dress code?

See the Parent-Student handbook for complete dress code information.

General, K-12 FAQ’s

What is the official start and end time of school? Is Extended Care offered?

The school day begins at 8 a.m. and ends at 3:16 p.m. Students are permitted to their lockers as early as 7:57 a.m. Extended Care is offered for Kindergarten – 6th Grade students for a small fee per hour per day. Extended Care opens before school at 6:30 a.m. – 7:30 a.m. and is available again after school until 5:30 p.m.

How are students prepared for emergencies?

All students participate in monthly fire drills and semi-monthly emergency drills for various situations.

Does UBCS offer a hot lunch program?

Yes, UBCS offers a pre-ordered hot lunch program for all K-12 students. A monthly order form is sent home and families pay for the month in advance. Reimbursements are issued upon an absence or skipped lunch. Students can also bring in their own foods that require microwaving. The Elementary students have volunteer moms to help them warm up their food, open snacks, drinks, and anything else they need help with. Our Senior class uses this Lunch Program as part of their class fundraiser for their end-of-year trip. General offers include: pizza, burgers, fries, taco salads, chicken tenders, and occasional “special days” such as breakfast for lunch or a pasta bar. Seniors also have snack and drink concessions available for purchase during each lunch period. Prices range from $0.25 to $3.50.

What classes do you offer?

See linked UBCS Academic Information.

What are some of the major changes my Elementary student will see when they go into Middle School (5th Grade)?

A1. Schedule: Middle School students will begin to follow the bell schedule and will change classrooms for just a few classes. Elementary students are already used to changing classes for their related arts – Music, Art, PE, Library, STEM. In our 5th and 6th Grade classes, we try to keep the “transition” minor to acclimate the students well. 5th and 6th Grade students will change classes for History and Science; in addition, 6th Graders will change class for English and Reading. Once students get into 7th Grade, each subject is in a different class. All students are given time in between classes to use the restroom, stop at their lockers, and to arrive to their next class on time.

A2. Policies: Beginning in Middle School, students use an agenda book to write down assignments and record any notes or needed work. In 5th and 6th Grade, students and parents are given a weekly “Activity Sheet” which outlines the coming week’s announcements and test or quiz schedule. Beginning in 7th Grade, students are expected to record all assignments in their agenda book. All teachers utilize an internet-based program, RenWeb, to upload assignments and schedules for students. All MS and HS students and parents have access to this (in case an agenda book is lost). Parents and students have multiple ways to stay informed of assignments and announcements.

A3. Dress Code: Girls should wear modest pants or skirts; denim blue jeans are allowed for boys or girls in Grades 5 and 6 due to still having recess and various outdoor activities. Girls are expected to wear nice shirts with no distracting cuts, graphics, or words and should cover midriff and cleavage. Cap-sleeve shirts or no-sleeve blouses are allowed as long as the shoulders, front and back, are covered; pants should be modest in tightness (typically the “pinch an inch” rule applies here). Boys are expected to wear nice, collared shirts with no distracting words or graphics or crew shirts (no t-shirts). Tucked shirts are not required unless the shirt is obviously a shirt that is meant to be tucked (some dress shirts provide extra length for this reason and should be tucked in). Sweaters or sweatshirts are permitted. Shoes should be in good repair; plastic/foam, or shower, flip flops or slides are not permitted.

We understand with changing bodies, clothing can be difficult to find or even keep up with your growing Middle School child. Our teachers and staff are tactful in handling any possible issues that arise. If a piece of clothing is obviously out of code, the school office has spare clothing for students to change into.

General Summary:

Again, 5th and 6th Grades are the most transitional years, so we try to keep things relatively similar to an Elementary schedule, minus these few exceptions.

What can my child do to improve his/her grade in your class? Or, what have you noticed that is keeping him/her from doing well in your class?

This answer may be answered differently per student (if student isn’t making up late or absent work) and even per class, but generally, it’s safe to say that a student’s grade will improve by taking notes both in class and while reading their assigned work (specifically in Literature or History). DAILY review of those notes and seeking help or clarification also help tremendously. Peer review can also be a big help as well.

What is KCEA?

Keystone Christian Education Association is an organization that UBCS is an affiliate. The Keystone Christian Education Association (KCEA) has been providing a vital service to churches and Christian schools across the Keystone State since 1974. The effectiveness of the church, schools and childcare ministries, and families is our full-time interest. KCEA is keeping an eye on government and an ear to the vital issues of our day affecting our religious liberties. See more information at their website at www.kcea.com

High School FAQ’s

What High School Sciences are available or required?

Traditionally, Freshmen take Physical Science, Sophomores take Biology 1, and Juniors take Chemistry. Biology 2 (a focus on Anatomy and Physiology) and Physics are also available to Juniors and Seniors. High School students are required to have only 3 credits of Science to earn their diploma.

Do you offer ACT testing/ SAT testing?

UBCS is a host test site for the ACT in December and June. You must register via the ACT test site. We do not host SAT.

Fine Arts FAQ’s

What does your school offer in the Music Department?

Please see our Music Page for more information. More information is also available in our Music Department Syllabus.

Are Choir and Band required courses?

Band is not required, but open to all who are learning to play band instruments. Choral singing is a part of Middle School Music, which is a required course. HS Choir is not required,but we have found many students in our high school wanting to be a part of this ensemble.

Can a student be in both Band and Choir?

Yes. Band and choir meet during different periods. We have many students who enjoy participating in both band and choir.