Christian Education Trust Fund

Recognizing the vulnerability of Christian Education for future generations, the Bethel Trust was established as a means to underwrite UBCS. Parents and students will benefit as our generation provides the financial foundation for tomorrow. Tuition alone cannot cover the expenses of quality staff and educational instruction.

The Bethel Trust, therefore can be used:

  • To help keep tuition costs at a level where Upper Bucks Christian School can remain an affordable school for Christian parents and not a private school
  • To enhance the day-to- day operating costs of the school.

The concept of the Bethel Trust is simple: the principal is invested so as to create a continuous flow of interest income. This income provides for extras needed to have a quality education program with a Bible-based philosophy and curriculum. Gifts to the Trust Fund may be made in several ways, such as wills, insurance policies, and individual gifts.

Anyone who provides a gift of $1,000 or more during a given school year is honored at the annual banquet. For more information, or to give financially to UBCS, please contact 215-536- 9200, x114.