Our Philosophy

Our philosophy rests on the belief that all truth is God’s truth, and the Bible is the only inspired and infallible authoritative Word of God that contains that truth. The Bible must be foundational in all areas of a curriculum that is designed to enable our students to develop their full potential spiritually, mentally, socially, physically, and emotionally. A quality educational program prepares students for life after high school, whether to succeed in the work force or in their post-secondary educational pursuits. Curriculum that includes honors and dual-credit college classes with an emphasis on technology is essential to help achieve those goals. A well-rounded education also includes sufficient opportunities for student involvement in competitive athletics, enriching fine arts, and other student activities. The end result of Christian education is to produce graduates who possess a Biblical worldview — a philosophy for living that views life’s challenges and opportunities from a Biblical viewpoint. Because such education is a parental responsibility, the school seeks to be a partner with the home to aid parents in providing this Biblically- based educational opportunity.

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