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Guidance Department

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Guidance Counseling Department

The role of the guidance counseling department is to provide necessary information to both parents and students regarding college entrance requirements, to help them make informed decisions regarding the students’ future careers; provide support to parents and students as they choose classes to help prepare them for their future plans; and present options to help guide their decision making. Our guidance director is available for counseling regarding peer and teacher relationships, as well as to provide spiritual counsel as needed.

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Scott Bergey

Meet our Guidance Director

Scott Bergey

In addition to his regular administrative and teaching duties, Scott also serves as our school guidance counselor and is responsible for the academic guidance of high school students. We appreciate all that Mr. Bergey does to help our students along in their school career. As Guidance Director, he provides information regarding:

  • college admission
  • scholarship opportunities
  • online college courses
  • preparation for ACT and SAT tests

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