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High School


High School

Upper Bucks Christian School offers a college preparatory education in a loving and safe Christian atmosphere. Graduates of our high school attend colleges and universities all over the United States. Our teachers are known for their concern for their students’ individual academic needs, as well as their spiritual growth and social development. Students are given the opportunity to participate in a wide range of fine arts, athletics, and social activities in addition to the academic offerings listed below.


All students are required to take a Bible class each year they are enrolled at UBCS. Freshmen and Sophomores take Old Testament Survey and New Testament Survey in a two-year cycle. Juniors and Seniors take Biblical Worldview as well as Bible Metanarrative & New Testament Letters in a two-year cycle. Additionally, high school students can take Bible Quizzing any or all of their four years in high school.

Language Arts

English is required for all grades. Students take Grammar & Composition each year along with Intro to Lit, Early American Lit, Modern American Lit, and British Lit over the course of four years.


Our math program includes: Algebra I, Algebra II, Geometry, Advanced Math, and Calculus. Our Business Math offerings include Accounting and Consumer Math.


Physical Science, Biology, Anatomy/Physiology, Chemistry, and Physics are courses or electives for high school students.


Geography, World Studies, American History, and Government / Economics are offered for high school students.

Honors/AP courses

In an attempt to prepare our students for college and college-level work, we offer a variety of Honors and Advanced Placement (AP) classes. Honors courses offer many advantages as students are challenged academically, exposed to advanced subject matter, able to increase their GPA, and strengthen their chances for admission to college. Though students do not receive college credit for Honors courses, the academic preparation provided by Honors courses will generally increase a student’s level of success in college. AP courses are considered college-level courses and do offer the opportunity for students to receive college credit by taking an end-of-year AP Exam.

Dual Enrollment

Our Dual Enrollment program is designed to allow students to enroll in college level courses while in high school and receive college credit in addition to receiving high school credit. Enrollment takes place between the student and the college. This is normally done through online classes by approved colleges.