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Drama & Speech

Fine Art

Drama & Speech

Drama and Speech play an important role for our MS and HS students. They learn to speak in front of peers at a young grade through various presentations and small Readers’ Theater groups. This gears them up for our annual school play productions where they have an opportunity to perform in front of a larger audience in a full-scale cast from many well known plays. In addition to performance-based classes, students interested in “behind the scenes” work can also join the drama department through AV and Crew Member classes.

MS Speech

The 7th grade year focuses on public speaking: composing and delivering their own speeches.

  • Learn the basics of communicating with an audience (poise, eye contact, good posture, clear articulation, etc.),
  • Organizing ideas
  • Using visual aids
  • Gaining and keeping attention
  • Give speeches of introduction, demonstration, and persuasion (a devotional message)

The 8th grade year focuses on interpretive speech or dramatic interpretation.

  • Learn to use their voices, facial expressions, and even their bodies to create characters (pantomime)
  • Learn to use the stage to create dramatic situations
  • Learn how to prepare scripts for speech performances and are encouraged to prepare a piece for performance at the KCEA Fine Arts competition
  • Practice on actual audiences by reading Dr. Seuss to daycare classes or performing skits for chapel or reading speeches to administration and school board members
Drama Class

Drama Class

The Drama Department develops students’ communication and on-stage presence. It prepares them to effectively communicate clearly with different styles and emotions. Each year, the drama department prepares the school play, generally held in March. Along with the on-stage actors, students also help with make-up, lighting, and stage set-up when they join the AV Crew.