Academic Options


Academic Options

In addition to a regular schedule of academics, our students are offered programs to further their learning and development in particular fields of study. We are also happy to partner with our local home school communities to aide in the development of their children through acadmics, athletics, and fine arts.


STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) allows the students to explore and engage in new studies about robotics, coding, building, and so much more. Keyboard typing is offered starting in Kindergarten through the 8th grade, where the students learn proper typing skills to help them excel in today’s digital world.

Honors/AP Classes

In an attempt to prepare our students for college and college level work, we offer a variety of Honors classes in all major subjects and an AP Calculus class, as well as additional AP class opportunities online. Honors courses offer many advantages as students are challenged academically, exposed to advanced subject matter, able to increase their GPA, and strengthen their chances for admission to college. Though students do not receive college credit for Honors courses, the academic preparation provided by Honors courses will generally increase a student’s level of success in college. Advanced Placement (AP) courses are considered college-level courses and they allow students to earn college credit to those colleges who accept them.

Dual Enrollment

Our Dual Enrollment program is designed to allow students to enroll in college level courses while in high school and receive college credit and/or high school credit. Enrollment takes place between the student and the college. This is normally done through online classes through approved colleges.

Vo-Tech Opportunity

Upper Bucks Christian School students who are in their Junior or Senior year of high school are able to attend Vo-Tech school for a part of the day. The times will vary based on the vocational track they are pursuing. The Vo-Tech school they would attend would be based on the school district in which they reside.

Home School Partnership

Upper Bucks Christian School recognizes that some families desire to educate their children through homeschool. With the desire of partnering with these families, UBCS allows homeschool students to attend UBCS on a part-time basis for academics, athletics, and fine arts. For more information on our part-time offerings, please contact the main office. You can view a synopsis on the part-time student application (page 2).